Friday, August 24, 2012

September Sort it

We all have those areas in our home that so badly need organising or sorting out right ? We have all good intentions about getting to them but something else always comes along and has us saying, ahh will do that tomorrow. I know that even though we only moved in to this home last November, there are certain areas that just havent been seen to and sorted, left till I had more time.

So now is the time, during the month of September I am joining along with Tamar on her September Sort it mission.
Here is what she has to say.....
It's the perfect time of year - not too hot not too cold - to get it sorted.
I'm writing a list of 30 must do things.
Some take 5 minutes some will take longer.
By the end of September they will all be done and we will zoom into the next few months more sorted. I love the thought of it.

I will be writing my list up this weekend, will try and get it posted if not over the weekend then early next week. I may even do some before and after shots!

If you would like to read what else Tamar has to say or join us on this mission you can head on over to her blog and get all the details, she even has a blog button done up for us to use on our blogs.

Let me know if you are joining too so I can follow along with your progress.

Thanks for stopping by 
Lis :)


  1. Oooh this interests me greatly!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, something always seems to come up! Good luck my friend...I'm cheering you can do this! Yeah!