Thursday, August 02, 2012

As the season draws to a close

Well we have only 2 weeks left of footy games for the year and as much as I have loved watching the boys all year, I really am looking forward to having nothing to do on Saturdays for a few months!
Not every weekend starts ultra early, with the first game usually at 12 we only have only had early starts if the game is away and we have a fair distance to travel or as was the case this week Jayden is umpiring.
Every club has their own umpires for their under 10's, 9's, 8's and 6's and this week Jay was rostered to umpire the under 6's (They are way cute out there playing).

The under 11's were next to play and they have a AFL BJ umpire,but they didnt front so as the game didnt get cancelled Jay got a crash course in under 11 rules (They are different to the littler guys) and went out and umpired another game. From all reports he did a really good job!!

Next game up was the under 18's and again an umpire didnt front, this time a boundary umpire, so Jay put his hand up and went out and did another game. So proud of him for an awesome job, his little legs were so sore afterwards he needed a massage from the sports trainer (aka Dad).

Dan had a really good game for the half that he did play (more on that in a minute) and got best on ground votes!

In the second quarter during a tackle he got a knee into the hip which had him in a fair bit of pain. John (sports trainer) saw to him and he managed to walk of the ground (if your stretchered of you cant go back on) and had him sit on the bench with ice for the rest of the game.
Next game up was reserves with Josh playing, apparently he had an 'ok' game (his words) I never got to see the remainder of the footy.
John had reassessed Dan and not liked the swelling to the abdomen or the pain he was still in and had called an ambulance. they arrived and took Dan to Logan hospital ER.
The hospital were fantastic and a doctor had come to look at Dan before the nurse had finished filling in the paperwork.The pain he was in was so bad that he had enough drugs in him to knock an elephant out.
The did all sorts of tests and scans  to rule out organ damage, thankfully the organs were all intact and where they should be.
They were concerned about some fluid in his abdomen that shouldnt be there so it was decided to admit him and make sure that it didnt increase.
He ended up staying another day as well and not being discharged until Monday morning,. The outcome, some bruising to the hip area and internal bruising of the abdomen.
His footy season is now over, no contact sport for at least 6 weeks but he can get back into running when pain and movement allows.
Not the weekend I had envisoned but so glad that my boy is ok.

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Lis :)

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