Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The long awaited comeback.

 I am way behind on the family updates (sorry guys) so a little catch up is in order.
Its been along time comming,but after injuring his ACL and both meniscus in his right knee back in March last year, then undergoing a major knee reconstruction in August last year add lots of physio sessions and specific rebuilding training sessions it was time to play.
He got the ok from the specialists and physio and let Oppy know he was ready!
Saturday came and we had a decent drive to Everton, I watched him warm up with trepadation, then he took the field for the start of the game.Within 2 minutes he had taken a mark inside 50, Welcome back Balmy yelled one of the asst coaches! He kicked it out on the full hahah, he went on to kick another out on the full as well as a point (he later said he needs practice kicking with his right foot).
All in all he had a pretty good game, that is until he copped an elbow in the face and hurt his mouth and damaged teeth. (teeth checked and after some treatment are ok and he now has a mouthguard)
he has since played 2 more games and is getting better with each game, has kicked a couple of goals and had a go in the ruck.He is hoping to make it up into the senior team before the end of the season.

Just a few shots from his first game back.

Will be back with some more family updates soon.

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. A BIG welcome back to him...he looks like his knee is doing well! Great shots!