Friday, April 13, 2012

Works in progress

My granny square blankets for the boys beds are well on their way to being finished by the time it gets colder.
Jays blanket is almost done, sqaures made, short ends crochet together just the long ends to go , the dreaded sewwing in of ends and then the border. Im really loving the navy and llighter blues mix in this one.

Now when I got the wool for Jay's blanket it was just easier to get the wool for Dan's at the same time. He wanted some extra colours and I just had to do a few squares up to see how it would look..I mean you cant wait till its time to crochet it and then not like it right ???? hahah

Josh already has a blanket that I knitted a few years ago, is the blue one in this post. It is only a single blanket so doesnt cover his whole bed now he is in a double, Typh (his GF) feels the cold really easily and we decided that rather than redo Josh's blanket to make it bigger we would just make her one of her own(no worrying about blanket hogging that way lol).
Girly colourswere picked and brought and decided to do a granny stripe rather than squares. Well I had to make a start on it, the colours are just so pretty.

I was gifted a heap of wool a while back and found it after we moved and unpacked and was sorting my craft area, the idea when it was gifted was to make a throw for the lounge to be used on colder nights and I just couldnt help myself, I got all the colours together and started on this one too.

So now I have all these started projects in different bags just waiting to be completed, just as well I love to sit of a night and crochet.

Cheers Lis :)


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  2. Wow, all that crocheting will keep you busy! They are looking wonderful already. I love that they had input into their blankets too - they must appreciate them!!