Thursday, April 05, 2012

Granny stripe blanket

My latest finished crocheting project, a granny strip blanket for our bed. Let me tell you that a QS blanket was a huge project to take on and during the summer months was probably not the best idea lol but its done (well I finished it a month or so ago but have only just got around to blogging it) and all ready for the cooler months.

I chose colours to match the bedding in our room, im not a girly girl into flowers and such and even if I was I have always felt that its not just my room, I share it with a man!

So now to finishing the next blanket, this time a single bed one, I have almost finished the squares and ready for the joining together which im going to use this method, takes a bit longer but I like the look.
Then I have two more SB blankets waiting to be finished...I think im going to be busy.

Cheers Lis :)
Then I have


  1. This came out really nice! You're so talented! Love everything that you create!

  2. Oh what a huge job! It looks wonderful! Gorgeous colours.