Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

You just cant pick the weather here at the moment, one day your sweating profusely then next you need to put on a cardi.
This was from a day out last week, I had to get creative with the photo so as you might pick its from a dressing room in one of the shops..hey it works although I think I need to work on facial expressions a little tense in this one lol

Top - op shop kmart brand
Shorts - op shop kmart brand
shoes - really comfy Big W cheapies
necklace - op shop find

a closer view of my top and necklace

Dont forget to go and see what the other ladies are wearing this week (links on my sidebar) and leave me a link if you are playing along too.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. We're having the same crazy weather here. Some people are alternating between heating and a/c but I'm being strong and avoiding both!

    Looks nice and summery at the moment judging by what you're wearing. Lovely summery outfit. :) Great necklace - I love the blue in it.

  2. Oh how comfy looking!

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