Monday, March 19, 2012

Craft room tour

Just after we moved into the new house I took some photos of my new craft room setup, it was sooooo neat and tidy I didnt think it would ever look this way again lol
I share the room with hubby, he has one side and I have the other...well its not really half, I have the majority of the room.
So have a little tour around my place with me.

Looking in at my space from the bottom of the stairs.

Where the mess gets made.

Closer view of how I store all my pens, markers, paint brushes, scisors etc.

My printer/scanner sits on the end of the desk, nice easy access, Under is a box made for me by my boys that has all my 12x12 cardstock.

Around to the right of my desk is this cupboard which hold all sorts of supplies, adhesives, large punches, stamp pads, art journals and misc bits and pieces.

To the right a bit more and is my computer desk, plenty of room to be comfortable but close enough to my scrap desk for inspiration.

The behind me is a large white shelf that holds pretty much my entire stash.

Top shelf, chipboard alphas, paper embellishments, journal blocks and cards, scrap papers, some mini albums and our personal files.

2nd shelf holds all my 12x12 pattern papers in the black binders, my acryllic stamps, photos and stickers, the plastic containers hold ribbon, buttons, twine, brads, more alphas, metals and other misc bits and bobs.

The last two shelf has some of my binders and albums(where my scrap pages end up) and some art displayed.

A shelf on another cupboard (used by Hubby) holds more albums and all my paints. Containers made by my kids at school.

Lastly, sitting on top of the filing cabinet, plastic containers holding all sorts 0f bags, knitting needles, and a basket of my mini albums.

So there you have it, my scrap room, and I was right it didnt stay this clean for very long at all (do they ever) but a messy room is a productive room right ???
Thanks for comming on a little tour of my room with me :)

Cheers Lis :)


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