Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Sister's Keeper

It has been an interesting week and a bit, just before christmas I received a letter stating that I was being called for Jury Duty. Last Monday I headed into the local courthouse (thankfully it was 5 mins away and not the one in the city) and began my week long periods of sitting and waiting.
I was selected on the Jury panel so then was required everyday at the courthouse. It was pretty intense and mentally exhausting, there was alot of sitting, alot of listening and alot of waiting around.
Cant say that Im itching to go back anytime soon, but Im glad that I had the chance to experience it.

So with being locked up all day for a week I didnt get any chance to create or shop or really do anything, except read...
In those times when we had tobe waiting around (for the judge) and didnt need to be discussing anything I read.
I recently picked up a copy of My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult, it was quite a good read, it did jump around a bit and every chapter was from a different characters point of view, I think with all the medical jargon happening in the story it might of been a good thing, I didnt mind that and was still able to keep the storyline straight in my head.
A lady of the Jury panel said to me the first day "oh I saw that movie and I cried - and im not a cryer"
I thought I was doomed lol as I am a BIG sook when it comes to sad things and crying, but it wasnt until the last chapter when tears came.

My Sister's Keeper

Overall I enjoyed it and am on the lookout for more Jodi Picoult books to read.
Have you read any of her books, any reccommendations of other good books ?

Cheers Lis :)


  1. I have read The Tenth Circle, Nineteen Minutes and Salem Falls and thought they were good but I haven't read My Sisters Keeper. If you like those kind of books I really like Kristen Hannah, Firefly Lane from her was my favorite.

  2. I really enjoyed My Sister's Keeper and bawled my eyes out at the end. The movie wasn't bad, but they changed the ending big time!!!

    I haven't read any of her other books.

  3. Ive only read this one and Sing you home - enjoyed both but wouldnt re-read them again.

    As Yvette said the movie was hugely different to the book :(