Monday, January 09, 2012

Visual Journaling

I used to keep a diary/journal wrote in it every day until it seemed tobe the same things going in daily (yup boring life here lol) and it was feeling more like a chore than something to enjoy., so I stopped. Ive always had a diary, with the boys school/sport/work I would never know where I was if I didnt. I have been keeping these diarys and when we moved I realised whilst they held memories of things we have done they were taking up alot of room.
So I decided to make a monthly calender style visual journal. Jotting down the important things we did each month, but making it all pretty and stuff...adding stamps and pictures , doodling, whatever took my fancy at the time.
So now I still have a record of each month but in a much more condensed and creative style.

A look at Oct, Nov and Dec 2011

Do you keep a journal of any kind ?

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Really like your approach to the monthly planner Lis :) looks so fun and colourful!! I have a very boring diary just to keep me on track with things as well as a neglected art journal but I never thought of combining the two of them before... fabulous idea!!

  2. I have kept a journal for years. Just this year I have started trying out my hand at adding art to my journal. It is fun & I feel more excited about journaling when trying think up something artsy to do with an entry.

  3. You should try it Aga its much more fun than a normal diary. I agree STUFFellaneous anytype of creating is better whenyour excited about it.

  4. I have too many journals :) my handwritten thoughts only and ocasionally movie ticket stubs, my art journal and then a variety of others - I maybe a little obsessed!