Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Place to call home.

It has been 6 weeks since my last post about hating to move, back then we were madly sorting and packing and making trips to the tip/thirft stores, as well as scouring every rental site around.
First week into November we were lucky enough to find a fab place, a little out of the area we wanted, but workable. Boxes have been unpacked (well mostly) and homes found for almost everything and its starting to feel alot more like home.
Whilst the whole move had us mentally and physically exhausted the new home is bigger than our old place, the boys all happy they have their own room, plenty of room inside and out for everyone tohave their own space (I get a bigger scrap space!!) and a pool which even though the weather hasnt been the nicest has had plenty of use.
I now have to try and get organised for christmas, I hadnt done a thing before we moved which is so unlike me.
Hopefully in the next week or so I will get back to regular blogging and some creating as well.

A few photos of our new home to share..

The front view, I really love the fact the access is from the bottom floor and the stairs are internal.

Deck leading of the dinning room, lovely cool space can see this getting alot of use.

Not only a pool, but a great big back yard as well and no back neighbours!

I think in the month we have been here there has only been maybe 3 days the pool hasnt been used, even yesterday with the rain and all Jay was out in it lol

Want to send out huge thanks to Christine, Bronnie and Jim for all their help with our move, couldnt of done it without you all xox

Cheers Lis :)