Sunday, October 09, 2011

Backyard DIY - blogtoberfest 2011 - day 9

A couple of months ago the boys borrowed a fire pit (similar to the one pictured below) from our neighbours to have at a party. After that they got to looking around at buying one for themselves, now either they couldnt find one or they werent cheap, Im really not sure, but they come up with the idea to make one.

A 44 gallon drum was sourced, paid for and brought back to our yard, now it sat for a couple of weeks before Dan decided that he had a party comming up and wanted to be able to use it.
With dad's help they cut the drum in half and with lots of tools (I hardly know the name of let alone how to use) and instruction from dad Dan set to turning the drum into a fire pit.

I was a little nervous watching him welding and such but he did such a good job, his first attempt at it. In just over a week the drum was all welded, a stand made and the lid attached and they had themselves a fire pit.

Apparently at some point they are going to make a rotisserie or some such so that it can be used as a spit as well.

Both John and I are proud of the fact that they dont mind getting their hands dirty and trying to make things themselves.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Wow that is cool! And I love that the drum is red!

  2. So, what IS a fire pit? Like a BBQ?

    Whatever it is I'm impressed with all the cutting & welding & whatnot; man-craft hehe. ;)

  3. Wow! This is awesome! What a great job they did! Cut so nice and straight. You guys are going to have a blast using this!

  4. Thanks girls :)
    Vic the fire pit at the moment is just somewhere to have a fire the boys used it to keep warm, later it can have a plate put on it to use as a bbq.

  5. Thanks for your visit. I guess you didn't have instructions for the fire pit but it looks pretty impressive to me.

  6. This is fantastic. We love a good fire too.