Friday, July 22, 2011

Whats happening around here....

Time for a little family update, not very interesting for most of you, but it keeps my interstate family friends up on whats happening around here :)

Finally we have a surgery date for Josh's knee reconstruction, 11th August. He is pleased that he now knows when its all going to happen, but a little aprehensive I think, not that he would ever admit it.
Its been so frustrating for him not being able to play footy this year, but at least after its done, he will be able to focus on recovery and getting back to play.

Mum, you were right, we hardly see him much anymore, he is quite the socialite these days with parties to attend and mates to hang out with. Weekends is when it all happens, sometimes he leaves here after work Friday and we dont see him again till Sunday....on the upside not going through as much food lol

Daniel, now we always said he was different, now we have proof lol Had our appointment with the fracture clinic yesterday, after looking over the xrays, checking with head of orthopaedics, the general consensus was what he had done to his arm was very rare and the resident had never seen it before, the consultant only once before....
So, this bone spur ? he has had on his arm for a few years now that he hurt playing footy 2 weeks ago and actually fractured is going to be the subject of a case study by residents today.
The outcome for Dan, is that is could be either Hereditary Exostoses or Arcase Stratus (pullling due to accelerated growth) dont worry I was lost too...
Either way there is no cause for worry, it will heal itself and wont cause him anymore damage to his arm.

My baby boy... driving us all crazy haha typical 13 yr old. He just returned from school camp, very tired and sore and grumpy, spending 3 days out in the bush with a group of boys doing all sorts of boy stuff lol.

My man, is going through his only little medical journey at the moment. His back got to the point where he had to do something else about it. So a neurosurgeon appt was made....
Wednesday he had an anti inflamatory injection in his spine, and whilst it hurt like a bitch and gave him a dead leg for pretty much the remainder of the day/night, it seems like maybe it is going to do some good. Fingers crossed because if not it may have to be surgery, which neither of us want to go through again.

Me, well im taxiing people around to doctors, hospitals, work and footy, same old same old, the weight loss regime got lost still waiting for it to reappear lol

Cheers Lis :)

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