Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reality Show junkie.

Confession time... My name is Lisa and I am a Reality TV show junkie hahaha. The cold has taken me out of my scrap room where its really cold of a night and into the lounge in front of the tv. I am really enjoying all the different reality shows on at the moment, not sure why they hold such a fascination for me, just have to watch them!!

Just finished Dancing with the stars has been something ive watched since the first series. This series I really liked Samantha (even though she really struggled) and Manu who was just so entertaining to watch, and WON!!

Now those that know me well, know that my kitchen is not a place that I enjoy being, lol I really dont like to cook. So does it seem strange that I like a cooking show ? Quite possibly, but I think that maybe Jamie makes these 30 minute meals look that easy I might even be able to do them lol.

Again with a cooking show, Masterchef is another favourite I enjoy seeing what different dishes they come up with each episode but have no illusions that I could reproduce any of them lol. What I do like is that my boys enjoy sitting watching the show too and have often asked can I cook that.

From food to travelling around the world, now I am not going to get overseas anytime soon, so what better way to see some of the world than watching a group of people race around it. They have travelled to some amazing places and it makes me want to travel even more, when I watch each episode and see the countries and places they go to. My favourites are the cowboys!!

Back at home and lets do a little renovating and decorating,The block, love love these type of shows. My dream would be to get a house and do it up from scratch. John and I have even chatted about maybe applying to go on the show ? haha dont think we will actually do it.

Also looking forward to these two new shows starting soon...
Top Design with Jamie Durie.

and.. The Renovators.

What are you enjoying snuggling up on the couch watching at the moment ?

Cheers Lis :)


  1. I am loving the Block, thats about the only one I watch at the moment!

  2. Looks like you've been having fun! A little break is good for us all sometimes. Hope it warms up alittle for you. Maybe you can use some of these pics for inspiration when you start scrapping again.

  3. I'm enjoying the block as well Lys, and loved top design the other night, and yep looking forward to the renovators too