Friday, July 08, 2011

Beating the winter chills.

Winter has rolled around again and it seems alot colder this year than it was last year, or its me not able to cope with it.
I have never liked the cold and always felt alot colder than the rest of my family. You would think the move to Brisbane would have me coping alot better than living in Tassie right? Well the first few years were good, but I think ive got used to it now, because come June im reaching for the uggies and snuggly blankets, whilst the boys are still running around in shorts and tshirts.....weird...

Have been browsing around the net looking at different clothes and came across this cute site Birdsnest. Shows you different outfits for all different occaisions and weathers, had some fun playing around on the site last night and have come up with a few favourites to beat the winter chills.

Not sure about the jewellery in this one, but I love the boots and would probably wear a long sleeve tshirt under the cardy.

This is my fav for hanging out at home or for football training, swap the singlet for a long sleeve tshirt and you have comfy and warm.

A little dressier for those trips to the shops or coffee with friends.

This one is my favourtie, I love that jacket and boots.

Not a big ballet flats fan, but switch them for boots or a pair of cute volleys and ditch the hat lol, whilst i love hats am not brave enough to wear one.

What do you do to beat the winter chills, love for you to share.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. There are some very cute outfits there!

    I have to saythough, I came from Melb last year in Sept, and this is just as cold as Melb was in its not just you

  2. I like these! I do not like the cold very much either and seem to be colder then the rest of the family as well. Where I live it's summer right now and it's been very hot and humid. This past winter was a doozy...lots of snow! I'm glad it's the shoveling...yippee!!!!
    Love your blog!