Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tasmanian Holiday - Part one

It had been way too long since we last saw family and even longer since we last went back home for a visit, so we were all pretty excited to be heading south for the holidays.
It was a bit of a weird trip for us this time with time constraints and work committments for John and Josh we had to split the holiday up.
On the 17th december we all headed to the airport (thanks to Dave and crew for getting us there) John, Dan and Jay flew via Melbourne into Launceston and Josh and I flew via Melbourne into Hobart.

What do you do on a flight to Tassie....turn on the ipod and drink lol

I was so excited couldnt wait to see my sister,

and mum and dad again I really miss them so much.

I never tire of seeing this view...fromt he kitchen window of mum and dads place (only looking south)

Josh hung out with dad and Brendan as much as he could.

and I think he enjoyed hanging out with the little ones equally as much, I know they couldnt get enough of him, hanging of him every chance they got.

Nothing funnier than listening to these two plugged into the same ipod singing California Girls at the top of their voices whilst waiting in the city hahaha

and what else do you do to fill the time.....test your muscles of course lol

Not sure who had more fun here decorating mum and dads christmas tree.

meanwhile up north in Launceston John and the other boys were enjoying and soaking up every moment with Johns dad.
I know that John was especially happy to be spending time with his dad and was more than a little sad when it was time to go.

When they werent hanging out with Pop or helping him out around the house they spent some time wandering around Launceston trying to see what they could remember from last time they were there (not alot I dont think)
City park

York Park - well thats what I will always remember it as but as it is now know...Aurora Stadium, the Tassie home of the Hawthorn Hawks.

This is just a short version of the first 10 days spent in Tassie, it would take me pages and pages to recal every little moment and would bore you all to tears most likely lol

Tassie part 2 still to come..stay tuned

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip down there Lisa.

    Just to jog my memory, where is that view of? It looks like the view from my FIL's old house at Austin Ferry.