Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The end of a chapter

1- Beacuse im way too lazy to try and make a mosaic
2- Because if I dont do it all now I probably wont get around to doing it lol

November and December started a pretty full on month for my two older boys, Josh in particular.
Year 12 just flew by and before I knew it my boy was fast approaching his last weeks of school for EVER, it has been hectic and very emotional (well for Mum) and exciting.

We started with the School Sports awards at a breakfast at Fitzy's restaurant. With both my older boys making me so proud.
I must apologise for the photo quality in these first 3 I still cant manage to get nice photos inside that place.
Josh accepting Age champion.

Dan accpeting Age champion.

Josh taking out hte biggy - Senior sports allrounder!

Next on the agenda was Formal. I thought yep easy i've got sons wont be stressful at all...hahahaha yep right think again.
He wanted a white suit, couldnt get white shoes to fit his bloody huge feet so he went with the black, the he wanted a vest to match his partners dress, that proved to be a huge task and in the end he opted for just the tie. Three days before he decided he wanted to get his partner a corsage... nothing like leaving everything to the last minute.
So the outcome was one very handsome young man who made me so very very proud.
The boys were all so good at letting us take photos, they didnt winge (much) and just went where we directed them.

Josh and Adam

Josh and TK

"The Lads"
Josh, TK, Sean, Alex, Patrick, Daniel

Josh and Daniel

Adam, Patrick, Alex, Sean, Josh, Daniel, Tom

Josh and Tom

They headed of in the awesome black Limo where im told they did blockies around southbank so they didnt arive early lol

Josh and his partner Orsi

The beautiful corsage he gave her.

Josh and Adam with their partners Orsi and Andrada.

Josh and Zac

They all had a great night then headed of to the after party which was enjoyed rather too much by my big boy and a few others lol

The final chapter for Josh was Graduation, a good night (well maybe except for the principals 40 min speech lol) which was capped of with Josh taking out the 2010 Sportsman of the year award, I was so very proud (and yes I cried).

It seemed that all that was over and Josh was done and dusted and I was getting Dan all ready for his Semi-formal, the end of year 10 and looking ahead to Senior years for my boy.
They had a great night out on "The Island" cruising around the Brisbane River.
He looked so handsome!

I sit back now with Daniel finished for the year and Jayden with a week to go and wonder where all those years went to. I realised the other day that in 4 years time all my boys will have finished school and be out in the big wide world. It only seems like a little time ago they were all little and needing their mum for alot more than money and taxi rides lol.

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