Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not how i envisioned the year finishing......

Grab a coffee and get comfy this could take awhile lol

So my last post was November 21..ages ago like last year lol, well... 2 days later I had a netball game scheduled, I should of known when 4 girls rang to say they couldnt play that it was an omen...but oh no the eternal sportswoman in me couldnt forfeit....we scraped together a team and were doing quite well by the end of the 1st half.
First centre pass in the 2nd half, i got the ball turned threw it then BANG and down i went, it felt like someone had shot the back of my ankle, thats what it sounded like too.
I was in agony, never felt pain like that before ever, Josh was a champ and came straight out picked me up and carried me to a waiting chair and ice, then promptly rang his dad. I sat and watched the rest of the game (later i was told i should of called an ambulance) then Kim drove me and my car home.
John had a quick look listened to what happened then said ok hospital it is....
We get to emergency and didnt have to wait very long at all before I saw a doctor who confirmed Johns suspicion that I had damaged my achilles Tendon. I was put in a support bandage given painkillers and sent home with an appt for an ultrasound the next day.
Next day the ultrasound confirmed that I had torn my achilles tendon, back down in emergency they twisted and turned my foot (with much pain and crying) and put in a half cast plaster, I was then sent home again with an appt for the ortho clinic.
So fastforward to the following thursday (pretty quick for the public system) and i see the ortho.
He had a look at the scans and said something about 9 weeks plaster i immediately started crying (yep big sook), he advised against surgery and after hearing that the recovery time was exactly the same John and I went with the non surgical treatment.
First step 3 weeks in plaster with my foot twisted downwards pointing at the ground, then another plaster for 3 weeks with my foot repositioned to what they call the gravity position, then another plaster for 3 weeks with my foot at a different angle, then a protective/supportive boot for 3-4 weeks.
Still with me ??? haha
Of to the plaster room I went and with alot of pain came out with a pretty purple (fav colour) plaster.

So back at home it quickly became apparent that I was not able to do much of anything, carrying anything was the most difficult with hands busy on the crutches.
Sitting with a coffee I started thinking then hadnt even started yet, what the hell was I going to do...
I am so very lucky that I have 3 fantastic sons and a very supportive hubby between them all they took over my household chores and my christmas shopping for me, so very proud of them all.
Life goes on and other than me not being able to participate much things kept on happening around here.
Josh decided that the basketball hoop wasnt high enough, so after climbing the tree and trimming of some of the lower branches, him and john then spent the afternoon putting the hoop back up on the tree.

The boys were bored one afternoon and decided to try out for "Mr Australia" lol poor old Dan has a way to go to catch up with Josh.

I need to send a big thanks to Deb, she has been a trooper picking me up and taking me places when John isnt available.
With the end of the school year approaching comes all the normal festivities, the primary school held their annual christmas carols, Jay had a ball singing with his class. Was a good night, we went picnic style with some help from the boys and Deb.

My baby boy finished primary school :( how did he grow up so fast. The had a special dinner for all the students, followed by a beautiful graduation ceremony.

My boy won a special leaders award, I was so proud of him, and yes mum did shed a tear or two...

So ya still reading ? Thank you for staying with me if you are.
Next was my birthday, was a very spoilt girly and got lots of gorgeous presents, phonecalls, texts and messages (thank you to everyone) then taken out for dinner, was a great day.

The annual putting up of the christmas tree didnt quite go as has in previous years, my two teenage boys were of out at mates, so John and Jay put the tree up themselves. I still managed (with help) to get the Angel on top of the tree though.

My three weeks was up and I was back at the hospital seeing the ortho again, a quick chat then off to the plaster room. The purple plaster came off (omg my leg was horrid underneath lol) and the amazing plaster technician did some readjusting of my ankle position then put on this very festive plaster to get me in the christmasy mood lol

Christmas eve came, and with Johns help we got everything all sorted and under the tree, and collapsed into bed for a couple of hours sleep.
Morning time and even though I have teenage boys it was still very busy, noisy and exciting. Once all the presents were opened - everyone was very spoilt - Deb, Jason and the kids arrived for breakfast. Despite the rain we have a fabulous bbq brekky outside with lots of food and a punch that Josh and I made.

With my sister in Tassie with mum and dad for christmas this year, the rest of the day was pretty quiet for us, we decided to take the boys down the coast to the beach for the afternoon. So we packed up a picnic and drove down the coast, found a spot where I could sit that wasnt on the sand and the boys had a ball swimming, playing around in the sand dunes.

5 days later we were back in celebration mode. My baby boy turned 12!
He got some Awesome (his words) presents and we had a family dinner complete with ice cream cake for him.

New years eve was very quiet, Dan went to a mates place for the night and Josh went to an overnight party, so was just John, Jay and I at home. We got some party food and had out own little celbration watching the fireworks on tv.
Jay had a little fun out in the yard with some sparklers (they dont make them to last very long these days...whats with that).

My sister arrived back from Tassie, and my step niece and nephew cam back from Darwin so we spent a day together just hanging out and having some fun times.

My baby boy and my beautiful niece, love this photo.

It has now been 7 weeks since I hurt my ankle....2 lots of plaster done, time for the next ortho appt.
Thanks to Dale and Shelly for the transport.
The plaster cam off and the ortho examined my ankle this time and nodded his approval...yep its healing...thank god, i was so scared that it wouldnt be.
The next plaster went of, just a plain blue this time.....untill.....I got home and John painted stars on it for me.
My attempt at being patriotic ready for Australia day lol

So today im a week away from having this plaster off, hopefull its all healed and wont need more plaster, just the supportive boot.
Thank you so much for staying with me through this epic post. I needed to get it all written down so that I didnt forget the details.
Promise to be back with a much shorter post with our Australia day and back to school photos very soon.
Cheers Lis :)

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Glad to hear you are on the mend now. I was wondering where you had been! LOL