Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whats been going on around here

The days and weeks all just seem to be rolling along so fast and before we know it another month has been and gone.
It has been alot more relaxed around here lately, lots of family time and catching up with things that we never have time to do during footy season.

Be warned this is a photo heavy post.

A trip down the coast to spend some time with Jen and Matt is always enjoyed, dont get to see them anywhere as much as we would like. A cuppa and chat with Jen (with John doing some odd jobs for her) and the boys hanging out doing what boys do lol

Christines surprise 40th was a great night, she had no idea and desspite a slight hiccup in her arriving everyone enjoyed themselves.

We all finally had enough of the darn possum who seems to have made its home (with babies) in our roof. John and Dan set to fixing the guttering and roof so it could no longer get back in. It worked, goodbye parties on the roof at 3am!

Was proud of Dan, he overcome his fear of heights (we live in a highset house) and was able to climb up and down the ladder to help Dad. Well done Dan!!

Next came the back steps and landing, it all needed to be replaced as it had become unsafe to use. Dan did actually help not just lie on the kitchen floor and watch lol.

Cobras AGM came and went with John becomming the new President for the Juniors, going to be another hectic year next year im thinking.

Jess and Nica spend some time with us, lots of fun was had by both boys and girls.
A waterfight using recycled water (gotta love green kids).

Some tree climbing (I dont watch usually they get so high up in that tree)

Simple things and imaginations are just a wonderful thing.

Chatting with the little boy over the back fence.

I have to say im proud of how well my boys play with and treat their little cousins, they are always so patient with them.

A jigsaw is a great way to relax and chill out when its wet and rainy, didnt help much with Jays patience levels though lol

Well thats all for now, have a great weekend.

Cheers Lis :)

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