Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The boys

Thought it was probably about time I did a post about what the boys have been up to (mainly for my own records).

Jay is loving being in year 7 and a senior at primary school this year, helping out around the school wherever he can, also helping out in the canteen and he made the school chess team.
Playing youth footy this year where its all about the points and alot rougher than the juniors, he is loving it!
He went in the school cross country last Wednesday and came in 13th, he really wanted top ten, but he did so well.

Dan is plodding along as normal, nothing seems to faze him, sometimes I think he walks with his head in the clouds lol.
Year 9 at school and so far seems to be coping with the workload.
With footy this year we decided to push him up a level and let him play under 16's with Josh. The 14's had too many players and the 16's needed some, but it also meant that for us as parents we only have 2 teams to get to now and not 3. He is coping and the coaches say he is doing great. He got the coaches award for his first game so the bootmarks in the stomach were worth it hehe.
This year he is going to do club umpiring, he went of last night and did his first of 3 courses, the coordinator said he did good.

My big boy, he turned 16 yesterday, omg where did all that time go, he was just a baby not that long ago wasnt he ???
He is in year 11 and loving his drafting and graphics work, and just drifting along with everything else, he doesnt say alot lol
He is still working and whilst he may not enjoy it all the time he enjoys the paycheck hehe
Playing footy and doing alright so far ( only 2 games in) anxiously awaiting his 50 game banner ( we only do them at home games) that he earnt in finals last year.
He wants us to take him to get his learners next week....thats a scary thought lol him behind the wheel of a car....

That it for now
Cheers Lis :)


  1. Happy Birthday to Josh, Lisa.
    They do grow up too quick but you raise 3 mature young men so thats wonderful.

    Good luck with the L's Josh.

    Well done to Dan on raising up the levels to Under 16's. I hope he enjoys it and enjoys the Club Umpiring.

    Well done to Jay on coming 13th in Cross Country, that is an amazing achievement. A whole lot better than when I used to do it, I just didn't care. lol

    And to you and John, well done on raising 3 mature, handsome and bright young men.

  2. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Easter Lis :)
    Aga xx

  3. They all just grow up so quickly don't they. Sometimes you just want them to slow down so you can enjoy every moment just a little bit longer.

    Good luck to DS on getting his L Licence.