Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why am I so tired all the time.....

This last few days i have been really tired, im getting 7 hours sleep a night so thats not an issue, might have to look at my diet and see if im lacking in anything, im getting enough excersize so thats not it. Sometimes i think i need a job to keep me occupied during the hours the kids are at school, but finding a part time job that will let me have the time off needed for Jayden's medical demands isnt easy.
Maybe its just this time of year, when i seem to be so busy running back and forth for the kids with no real structure to when and where and the whole stressing of making sure i have everything organised...who knows, im sure it will blow over....

This weeks word over at OLW is Imagine...I love this quote

I decided to have a go at the new sketch site Inspired Blueprints, there sketches really inspired me.
This one of my nephew is sketch 2

One of Josh back when he was just One is sketch #1

and this one of Dan doing what he loves best is the bonus sketch.

This one is for the fun ad challenge at Stamp Craft.

The AGM for footy on Sunday went well, all the positions we were nominated for we got. John again got 1st aid coordinator for the youth teams and Website, he also got voted in out of 3 nominations for Vice President, and I got the role of Merchandiser, not a big job mainly at the start of the season making sure everyone has uniforms. Looks like next season will be a busy one for us again though.

I missed my 2 year blog birthday, who would know back on the 15th October 2006 that this little adventure would still be going 2 years later..stay tuned for a little give away in the next couple of days.

Thats all for today

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Congratulations on 2 years blogging, that is wonderful.

    Sorry you are feeling flat and tired, I won't say what I first thought but I hope you get to the bottom of it and get rest and energy back.

    I too love the quote on Imagine, so true. All your layouts are lovely. Congratulations on the Footy jobs.

  2. Hope you get some of that energy back soon. Nothing worse than feeling tired.

    Love what you have created. The one of baby Josh is awesome and love how you have used the new Sassafras Lass papers.

    It takes dedicated parents like you and your hubby that keep sports clubs and teams running. Good on you!!

  3. gorgeous layouts! Love your OLW layout!