Friday, October 24, 2008

not the best week creatively

This week has been a really slow week, just havent had the energy or motivation to do all that much. The boys have been draining with lots of bickering and boredom, I think we need to rethink the Summer free sport rule because during football season it doesnt seem to get this bad. It can be so hard to keep teenage boys occupied and entertained.
I think im a little homesick as well, had a friend just come back from a holiday in Tassie and hearing all about where she went and what she saw got me a little nostalgic and missing my family.
I havent been spending as much time sitting here at the computer lately, sitting watching tv with the boys or chatting and doing knitting and crocheting in the family room is where Im finding myself more and more.
On the scrapping front Ive only gotten this one done since last post, a challenge for Mystical to do a layout with a mini book, was great for using up all the photos of Josh at the pool last year.

I have always loved doing challenges both on blogs and forums, love that they can take you out of your square and doing things that you might not normally do. The prizes they offer are just a bonus as far as im concerned. A big annoyance is though that if you win one of those prizes and then dont get told what they are or when you can redeem them.

I started laybying christmas presents for the boys this week, after studying the catalogues to work out what things on their lists are lol I still didnt have much luck when I hit the shops, one poor guy at the game shop must of thought I was weird I had no clue lol

Hmm, what else, this weekend we have the AGM for the footy club, John and I have been nominated for 4 positions all up, John the website, 1st aid coordinator, and vice president, and me the merchandiser... I wish more parents were interested on getting on board and helping the club out instead of just dropping and running but you get that.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend

Cheers Lis :)


  1. I agree that teenagers need to be kept busy, I remember being a teen and the "Im bored" feeling.

    Your layout is gorgoeus Lisa, love the fold out album.

    Hope your boys give mum some peace and quiet. lol

  2. Love your layout. The fold out is so clever and so cool.

    Can't help you on the bickering teenagers front as I have an 11 and 8 year old who do that so well too.