Sunday, June 29, 2008

full on action packed

Thursday night my sister, BIL and the kids came for dinner, we got to to see Lincoln for the first time in over a year.
A few photos from the night...

Have had such a full on weekend, starting early Saturday morning with work at the footy canten, for 4 games, then north for Jaydens game, home unpack, repack and head to the coast for the St Kilda game at Carrara where John was trainer for St Kilda. Was dreading being there 3 hours before the game started and keeping the boys occupied, but they have such a great family/kid orientated stadium it wasnt hard at all, the boys had a ball.
By the time the game finished and John made it out of the rooms and we got home it was almost midnight.
Early start this morning having to be at the ground at 8.30am for Dan's game. Josh's game followed and Vicki, Jim and Jess as well as Sally, Brendan, Chelsea and Lincoln all came to watch the game.
We then went from there to the park for a play and lots of photos.
Home around 3.30pm all exhausted.
Have lots more photos from the weekend to share but havent even uploaded yet, will do that sometime tomorrow.
About to collapse into bed now.


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