Monday, June 02, 2008

Family visits

Dont happen very often, we only have my sister and her partner and kids living up here in Brisbane so its not often that family visits. When they do I tend to go overboard with the camera lol
Here are just a few of my favs from the weekend....

Nica really didnt want her pic taken...can you tell lol

Jay trying to teach Jess to play snap...

Love this one of Jay and Nica

Jess is always so busy nowadays and rarely sits or stands still and not really fussed on having her photo taken, but she didnt mind having care bears taken lol

managed to snap this one as she was playing hide and seek with it!

and this big lug takes a great photo even if he says he hates his picture being taken...

I love this one of me and Jess, was one of the many cuddles I got

Will be back later with some scrapbooking


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