Sunday, February 10, 2008

The season begins

The last two days we have spent at football sign ons (the joys of being committee members). First training for the older two starts tomorrow night. Herein starts my schedule of training two nights a week, auskick one night, then in a month games on both Saturday and Sunday. Cant complain though, much rather be running around after the boys playing sport than have them sitting at home doing nothing.

So still have the mojo flowing and creating more than ever.

This is for Paper Adventure 08, the prompt this week "Colour"

This next lot are for challenges at Mystical.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.



  1. Lisa.

    Layouts are great. I'm going to check out the paper adventure blog :)

  2. wow your Paper:08 page is so unique! I would never expect to do a circle! I'm a huge fan of ribbon and so i love how you just used a hodge podge of snippets. Nice work!

  3. I just love your Paper'08 page Lisa, great with all the ribbon, looks really "color"ful!!

  4. looks great! love the ribbon.

  5. wow, WOW, wow, WOW, wow, WOW!!! (i could keep goin', but you probably get the idea here!) ok, i LOVE all three LO's... (especially the brackets around the photo group on the top one--that SO rocks!) ...BUT...your PA "color" page??! YIIIIIIIIIIKES!!! that is absolutely, totally, completely, and in all other ways



  6. Fabulous layouts, love the colour page. I completed mine last night & will sahre it along with this weeks. I had a fabulous time on the retreat but going back to work the day after my return was a bad idea I have been far too tired. I had a good weekend of me time & did some layouts I can share later in the week. For now Im only blogging my entries in the teams CJ's as I have barely done any challenges. Must get myself back in the saddle again!!!
    I think I miss my Deck of Me first off on Mondays.

  7. Whoa! You are going to have a full on footy season!!!!
    I love your creations!!1

  8. Love the paper08 page!! And your other projects are so lovely too!!!