Monday, February 04, 2008

Scrapbooking? How do you motivate yourself and still enjoy the process??

This is the prompt for the new blog challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks. Each week we will be given a different prompt to blog about. How cool is that, something interesting to blog about, but... also be in the draw to win a gift voucher from the store!!
So on with my post....

Since I started scrapbooking all other craft (and some other) hobbies have hit the back burner, it has been front and centre of 'me time' and I still love doing it after almost 6 years, it would be hard not to love it I think.
Motivation comes pretty easy for me, I am a challenge junkie and with so many awesome challenge blogs out there and the amazing challenges to be found at Mystical each month keep my creative juices flowing.
If I do get in a slump and find it hard to come up with something, I browse through online galleries, scrapbooking ones, art and photo ones.
If a particular project is causing me grief then I will put it aside for the time being and try something different. A card or art journal page are great for being able to let yourself go and do whatever to try and get that motivation and love back on track.

The new word this week over at One LIttle Word is "Create", fairly easy word this time around.
The photo I chose is of my FIL, he has always been very artistic and has painted and created most of his life. After suffering a stroke and losing his wife in the last couple of years he had stopped and just recently he started creating again, it is something that he really enjoys and has helped him immensly with his healing process.

This weekend at Mystical we had a cybercrop, was lots of fun and lots of scrapping got done. I managed 5 out of the 6 challenges.
These are the layouts I got done.

Sometimes I wonder about how much people really listen or take notice of things you say. Online it can be very hard to really know someone of course, but if you are interested in getting to know a person you would take note of the important/basic details of them wouldnt you ? I know I do.
LIttle things like what colours you like or dont like, what you do (ie work etc) whether your married or not, if you have boys or girls, how old they are (not always specific ages, but babies/toddlers/teens).
I talk alot about my 3 sons and the fact that they are teens and pre teens, I scrap about them and post layouts about them all the time.
Imagine my surprise to be sent a RAK (of which I was thrilled to get and had some awesome goodies in it) with baby boy products!
Is someone trying to tell me that I should have another baby lol...I DONT THINK SO!! lol

anyways... kids are at school and John went back to work today after being at home for almost 3 weeks! I am so going to enjoy my day all to myself.

Have a good one!



  1. I hear you about people not paying attention to where are you and what you create. I have been sent pink numerous times and I mostly scrap my son.

    Loving what keeps you motivated too!

  2. Great layouts! Great layout with the word CREATE!


  3. Staying fresh and motivated can definitely be a tricky thing. One thing that helps is to involve family members in pages you are doing about them. People love to see stuff about themselves.. it's just human nature. If you involve them in the process even a little, they'll pay more attention.... and then boom there's your motivation!

  4. that wasn't me was it LOL

    cos i wrapped all mine up and then forgot what was what so just sent them out ;-)

  5. Fab pages.Feb came quite quick didn't it!
    I had a terrific weekend but am exhausted & have to be back at work today!

  6. Great layouts! I really like the one of your fil! It is so special.
    LOL about the RAK!!!

  7. Wow, you've been busy girl!! I just love the "What the?" layout, great journaling!!
    And... I had a blast reading about the RAK you've got..... so now what.... making plans?? LOL

  8. Such beautiful work!!

  9. oh wow you really have been scrapping up a storm!!
    & i LOVE your create l/o! the photo of your fil is fantastic & i love the title/message of your project...really really wonderful

  10. He busy girl!! What a lot of beautiful projects!! Love them all!!

  11. Love your create layout- and such a nice story. I SO agree about the healing power of art. Thanks for visiting my blog!:-)