Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bring on Autumn...

OMG yesterday was so so so HOT! It got to 40 C outside, im sure it was more inside, we dont have air con but had all the fans going flat out, not that it made much difference. We then had to drive over an hour in a car with no air con to get to a birthday party. Sweating was definatley the word of the day.
Today whilst still hot is much cooler than yesterday, 27C.

The birthday party we went to was heaps of fun, good food, music, friends, a great night!

Here are a couple of layouts I got done earlier in the week.

This one for the alpha challenge "D" at Scraptastic.

This one for a challenge at Mystical. ive decided that I really dont like bling and girly pages lol i am so much more comfortable scrapping boy pages.

Want to win some yummy scrapbooking goodies ? Want to have fun, chat and scrapbook ? Then head on over to Scraptastic South West.
A challenge with a twist, Starting on Sunday 24th February and going until midnight on Saturday 29th March by just being an active member here will give you a chance to win!
So how does it work....
There will be a points system for various things around the forum and gallery, those points will be tallied up at the end of the allotted time and the member with the most points wins! Simple isnt it!!
Who doesnt want to win something right ? So head on over and try your luck!!

Hope everyone's weekend was awesome!



  1. your 'girly' page is awesome Lis

    what are the flowers you've used ??

  2. Great layouts Lisa... looking forward to you joining us at Enchanted Scrapbooking in March... that is if you are not too frazzled from all the heat over in WA this summer?????

    Also I have tagged you... please visit my blog to spread the vibes..

    Enchanted Scrapbooking