Friday, December 28, 2007

Made me think of you....

Deck of Me - week 51
This weeks prompt is: made me think of you.
is there something you see, or hear, or do, that makes you think straight away about somebody special?
As a child I remember my Dad arriving home every night from work, getting changed, getting a cuppa and sitting down on little kiddy chairs with my baby sister to watch Basil Brush. The pair of them would sit their and laugh and laugh, neither of them moving till it had finished.

One more week to go, can you believe I have stuck to something for a whole year!!!
Look forward to seeing what Emily has planned for 2008!



  1. What a cute card! Good to see that you have stuck at the cards!

  2. I remember Basil Brush from years ago :) Love the card.

  3. Oh, what a nice memory!! Lovely card!!

  4. What a sweet card!!

  5. Fantastic card. I had a toy Basil that talked & I adored him.
    Hope you had a fabulous time over the Xmas hols & got nice "toys" to play with well into 2008!!

  6. So cute, love wondrful childhood memories like that!

  7. Basil Brush - something/one else I had forgotten about. Great Card!!

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  9. That card is just adorable :)