Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in pictures

Warning!! Lots and lots of photos!
( I really need to learn how to do a collage)

A few nights before christmas we all went for a walk around our streets looking at christmas lights, these are a few of the better ones.

Christmas eve we all sat and watched a movie together, the boys did the standard drinks and food for santa and the reindeer before heading of to bed around 11ish. We waited till they fell asleep then set about wrapping gifts.
This is what the tree looked like after all the wrapping...

Christmas morning and even though I have teens and pre teens they were still awake at 6am! They got to open one gift before we headed of to Southport for breakfast on the beach with Matt and Jenni and a few of heir friends. There was so much food, the weather was awesome and it was so relaxing.

The boys playing on the sand (even Josh!)

Matt and Jenni

Josh and Jenni

We headed back home about 11 with a slight mishap with the car overheating and John's hand getting burnt. A quick trip to the ER and he now has to sport this mickey mouse style hand for a week or two whilst the special burn dressing heals the 2nd degree burns.

Then home for all the pressie opening, the boys were so spoilt with lots of presents as well as money, they were all really excited with what they got.

We had a couple of hours to ousr selves spent lying around relaxing, before we had Deb and Jason call in for a drink, then Vicki and Jim and the kids arrived for dinner (minus Danica she is in Darwin with her mum)

All 9 of us ready to eat

Me and Jess playing elves!


All in all it was a fantastic day!!

Yesterday we braved the crowds and let the boys go spend their christmas money, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.

Hope that you all had a fantastic time with family and friends. Merry christmas from us all here in Sunny Brisbane!!



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  2. I hope your dh's husband heals quickly! It looks quite painful!
    Great christmas photos. It must have been so much fun to spend christmas morning on the beach!