Friday, November 16, 2007

Self realisation

Deck of Me
this week's prompt is: self realisation
what have you come to discover about yourself lately? or, think of a time in your life that you had a 'brick over the head' moment, and journal about that.

Daniel had a galad day at school on Tuesday against Slacks Creek school, his team one all their games, go Dan!

Have been head down bum up trying to get everything done so im ready to enjoy christmas...its not working ...any ideas how to make this easy ?
Still babysitting and whilst Kayleigh is a gorgeous little girl I wish she would sleep for more than 30 minutes!
Had some coffee and chat sessions with my buddy Donna this week, always love those!
John is sick at the moment, awful chest and throat infection and i feel for him, hope hes better soon, for his sake and my sanity :D
Hope to have more to share soon!



  1. Nice card Lis, love the colors!!

    Hope everything goes well and you'll get organized before Christmas!!

  2. Hello Lis! I like your card, especially these cute buttons! Greetings from Poland Dear!

  3. Great card!
    Take care of yourself girl and have a nice weekend!!

  4. Lovely colours, great card!!

  5. I've been so slow getting round the blogs this last week. The antibiotics wiped me out but I think they did some good!
    Fantastic card.