Thursday, November 01, 2007

My little space!

November already, this year has flown by so fast its unreal. I feel like ive been asleep and missed half of it.

I had to take some photos of my scrap room this week for a forum so thought id share with you here too.
My space is one part of a small room that I share with hubby, it also holds all of our files and important papers as well as all other craft bits and pieces for the whole family.

This is my scrap desk holds all my basic tools, pens and other small things that i use regulary.

My computer desk, beside the monitor i have my buttons, and fibres. Underneath are all my fodlers which hold paper, stickers, alphas. Beside the desk I have my cardstock in a rack system my boys made me, with my printer sitting on top.

This is an old wardrobe that hubby redesigned for me and holds everything else that I use.

Its small and its not the nicest looking area but its all mine and I dont have to pack up after each scrapping session.

I received today an awesome RAK from Donna, some christmasy papers and bubble stickers, great for card making cant wait to use them, Thank you honey!!



  1. Lis everything is so neat and organised (can you guess I'm not lol). I want to come and play...looks like you've got lots of cool stuff!!!

    Megan xx

  2. What a great scrap space you have!!! It looks so organised!

  3. I love looking at other people scrap spaces. TFS! SO fun finding great ideas and seeing how inspiring their rooms can be.