Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week 43 - Scary

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Day 30

this week's prompt is: sCaRy!
what scares you, tell a scary story, a halloween tale, a scary picture...anything scary!

A nice simple card this week, printed this picture from google images, my ink is running out but i left it as i think it adds to the style of the card.
I cannot sit through a horror movie at all, they freak me out totally.

Josh has decided that he needs to work on getting fit and would like a 'sixpack' and mum (me) needs to fit back into last years summer clothes again. So today we started walking, it will be a nightly (when we can) walk. We have a park nearby (about a 10 minute walk) that has a fitness track so we will walk to the park and do the lap of the fitnes track then walk home again.
By christmas I hope to have a flat tummy again!!

Thats about it for tonight.



  1. Yes, I agree, no horror movies for me either, yikes, the scare me very much!!

    Good luck with the fitness track:-)

  2. I also am a BIG WIMP when it comes to horror movies!! I love mystery novels, but that's about as "scary" as i can get!!!

    I'm with you...i want a flat tummy again. But since I'm doing NO exercising right now, that probably won't happen! lol

  3. me too!

    your card has a great look! love it!

  4. ME EITHER!!! Can't. Love the card!

  5. Great card! Love it!!
    And yeah....i DO love scary movies ;-)

  6. I can't watch horror movies anymore either -- way scarier than when I was a teenager. Nice card! I want to get in shape too and have been walking a lot. Good luck to you and happy halloween!

  7. Me neither, I can abide violence it frightens me so muc. Great card & good luck with the exercise.

  8. Cool card you make. I think that a lot of ladies don't like scary or horror movies.

    I hope that you have with xmas a flat tummy. maybe a six-pack. Keep going this way.

    Love Simone

  9. Very cool effect with the printer running out of ink!

  10. Hi Lis, I saw your comment on the Daring Cardmakers blog looking for card instructions. I can't really picture what you described, could you point me to an example, no guarantee I can help but I'll try!

    Rhi :)

  11. Hehe, I'm not the kind of scary movie fan eiher!!

  12. Me neither - I never watch scary/horror movies.
    Great card!

  13. Anonymous8:28 am

    I have'nt done mine yet but that was my theme too,,I cant stand them, they give me nightmares.

  14. Great card! I am not a horror movie fan either! I have a hard enough time sleeping without having nightmares too!