Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Week 40

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Day 9

This week on Deck of me the prompt is
' Not anymore'
what is not anymore in your life, how are you not anymore, how is it not anymore?

For me it is glasses, I am so glad that someone out there invented contact lenses they make my life so much easier.
As a teenager, and well into my 20's I wore glasses and not some of the cute trendy styles you can get now. These huge round bright blue glasses. Apart from the typical name calling from school kids they continually got broken when I played sport. I love my contact lenses!

This is the gorgeous little girl that I now look after 3 days a week. She was such a good girl for me yesterday and as you can see there were plenty of giggles and smiles!

A update on josh and his interview....what happened was on the Saturday he went down to mini golf to ask If they had any jobs, he was told to come back on the Sunday at 3pm. He did that as I mentioned and spoke to the manager (poor kid was petrified). They dont have any jobs available at the moment, but they kept his resume and told him to keep coming down to check.
He was so disappointed...the first of many rejections to come my big boy!


  1. I love your card!! Remember those glasses, had them too, not anymore for me either, nor lenses, just don't need it anymore!

    What a cute little girl!!! Must be so nice to watch her!!

    And your boy is brave, at least he takes the effort to GO FOR IT!! Here's a girl, who wants money, but doens't go out to ask for jobs.. silly thing, thinks her English isn't good enough yet!

  2. My husband wore glasses from the time he was 5 years old. When he was a teenager he got contacts, but when he was in his 30's he contracted an infection from the contacts and was told not to wear them anymore. He hates wearing glasses.

    What a cutie putootie baby girl! You must have a ton of fun with her!

  3. Thats a bugger about Josh's job interview. Hopefully he will get a job soon.

    Kayleigh is gorgeous, she looks like a happy baby.
    Love your card too, my mum used to have glasses like that. Lol

  4. Your photo brought back memories.. I had blue ones too!!! Hard to believe that they were every fashionable!

    Definitely a cute baby girl :D She's gorgeous and what a great smile!!

  5. Well very well done for Josh to go & ask anyway. Too many young men in this town, well in the UK as a whole prefer to leave school early without qualifications & sit on the dole.

    Fab card, I used to wear big specs too!!

    Your little charge certainly is a cutie, she looks very happy & content.

  6. Great card!!
    Beautiful little babygirl.

  7. What a great card! I am meant to wear glasses in front of the computer but I rarely do.

    I hope that things work out for Josh and that something comes up for him.

  8. Whahaha, I remember those glasses! I had just the same! LOL
    Great card!
    And what a cute little girl! I can imagine you enjoy taking care of her!!

  9. Great card! and really great glasses...my kids go nuts when they see me in my old ones! Oh well!

  10. Too funny! Never wore glasses myself but I feel for ya! Beautiful baby!

  11. Anonymous8:58 am

    I hate wearing my glasses but the need presents itself more and more these days :(.
    What a gorgeous baby! lucky you!

  12. I'm the opposite- I just started wearing glasses!

  13. I love the card !! am glad that you are so happy with your contacts :)