Sunday, October 07, 2007

Holidays are over!!

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Day 7

The boys go back to school tomorrow!!! As much as I have enjoyed the sleep ins, the not rushing them around for different school activities and making sure everything is ready for school each day. I am so ready for them to go back, they are now getting to the point of being bored so its time.

Tomorrow also marks the first day of a little part time work for me. From tomorrow till January I will be looking after little Kayleigh 3 days a week. She is only7 weeks old so im a little anxious, I havent had to look after a baby for 9 years! She is so good though so im sure it will all be fine.

Been do some creating again a few different things this week...

Art journal entry for KSK.

My layout for Aussie Scrapjacked, this month we lifted Megan Stephenson.

This is just for me, a birthday reminder to have near my desk to I dont forget (hopefully)!

Im feeling a little anxious and nervous right now..not for me...for Josh, he has just gone of with Dad for his first job interview!! Its for a position at our local mini golf. Will know the outcome in just over an hour. *fingers crossed*



  1. Congrats on your little job. I am sure that you will be fine!!!

    I love what you have created over the past few days too!

  2. Very cute 'birthday' reminder !!
    Love the bright colours you've used !! well done !! :)

  3. Fingers crossed for Josh.
    Im sure everything will go well with Kayleigh, relax and have fun spoiling her.

    Beautiful work as always.

  4. Congrats on the part time work, it will be fun & rewarding. Gorgeous layouts over the last few posts. I love your desk reminder very pretty.

  5. I love the projects you make. They are great to look at. Keep going this way.

    Love Simone