Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The mojo just keeps flowing

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I thought that after a weekend full of scrapping that I might be a bit flat mojo wise this week, but its the opposite, its flowing like a tap, its awesome.

Week 42 of Deck of Me! wow only 10 weeks to go, hasnt the year just gone by so fast!!
this week's prompt is: a grateful week
summarise, pick one thing, record every day, photos, words, art. be more grateful this week for the little things!

I decided to go with this week, filled in the first 2 days and will write what I am grateful every night.

123 challenge
The criteria for October is...

Criteria One: 6x8" photo given by Raquel.
Criteria Two: Pink Chipboard Letters given by Ronnie.
Criteria Three: Hearts given by Kelly.

The word over at One Little Word this time around is Believe.

Hoping that this mojo sticks around and I can get some more layouts done this week.



  1. Your card is great, don't you love the idea!!!
    Lovely layouts, love the pink one!!!

  2. Great layouts! Great card... love that and love what you did with this weeks word.....

    one little word

  3. Great card and layouts! Love all that pink on the first one!

  4. I love your LO's and your take on believe! Cool quote!

  5. these are awesome layouts Lis
    i love both of them

  6. Fabulous card! I love the colors and the way you set it up!

  7. Both of your layouts look fantastic Lisa. I love the 123 layout.

  8. Great cards and what a lovely layouts!!!

  9. Love your card, so good to add to it as the week goes on, love the layouts also :)

  10. Anonymous10:53 am

    I love your layouts, you have a great style, always different, not the same layout repeated over and over, I like that.

  11. Fab card & great layout.
    My mojo is blocked I think a dam has been built somewhere!!
    I just can't scrap. My cards even ground to a standstill yesterday as nothing would pull together. I ws off work a week on holiday ill & have gone back a week still ill. The mind is too fuzzy & I have such gorgeous new toys to play with!!

  12. You are on fire!!!!!

  13. I love the idea you used for this prompt.

    The lo is also very beautiful.

    love Simone

  14. Oh your card is faboulous - I love it!!! And your layouts are amazing too!

  15. wow...great layouts!!!
    love your work :)