Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend in pictures

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Day 17

We had the best weekend packed full of fun and family and friends.
Starting Friday night with friends popping over whilst the kids were at the school disco, its not often we get to see Jason and Debbie outside of football, so was nice to sit and chat for awhile.

Saturday morning Josh and John headed of to work for a few hours. In the afternoon we packed up and headed to the park for Daniel's party. Lots of kids, noise food and fun to be had. The iron man race for the flags was a big hit as was tackle footy.

Dan pretending to blow out the candles on his cake (it was too windy for them to stay lit).

Tackle footy, park style.

A few photos taken of the family at the park.

Josh - a rare one

Dan - love his profile

Jay - that thing is hard to stay on

Love this one of Jay and Jess playing together

A couple of my gorgeous niece

Couldnt resist this one of Jess and her daddy taking a walk.

We packed up and waited till the last parent came to collect their child, before heading home to unpack.
Josh had a mate stay over and we also babysat Deb and Jasons 4, so we had 8 kids aged from 4wks old to 14 to feed and watch for 3 hours..
It went really well, the baby was so good, she slept for most of the time and the other s all get on really well.

Sunday and a morning of general cleaning up around the house with the whole family pitching in to help out. Then I headed of to Cassies's baby shower. Some great girly time lots of food (chocolate covered strawberries!!!) the games were great, I won 2!
This is Cassie opening up her gifts, (not such a good pic, lighting wasnt great and lots of movement) she got so many gorgeous things.
Cant wait o see little Jayce very soon Cassie, im betting you cant either.

The boys cooked dinner for me so I got to sit and be waited on!

Today was spent running around finishing of the shopping needed for the footy presentation night. Do you know how hard it is to find a thank you card that doesnt have flowers on it!!
Tonight we have the last committee meeting with a bit of a party afterwards. Kind of a thank you to those that helped out over the season.

Have a great night



  1. Fabulous photos, perfect way to sum up a fun family weekend.

  2. All beautiful photos, your niece has amazing eyes.

    Glad you had a great weekend, sounds like it was filled with love.

  3. What great photos! Looks like everyone had a great weekend!

  4. Looks like it was a great birthday week-end, very busy indeed. Your niece is so cute. :)