Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Draw something

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Day 19

Deck of Me
this week's prompt is: draw something!
your challenge this week is to draw SOMETHING...add something to your card that you drew with your own hand!

My hubby comes from a family that all got the art gene, they draw and paint and whilst they are not michelangelo they are pretty darn good.
He tried to teach me a little when we first met, but back then I just couldn't get it...
This elephant is one of the first things he taught me how to draw, isn't it cute!

Stores are a place we go to buy things, we spend our hard earned money and expect good value for that money and good respectful customer service, right ? Yep thought as much.
I have a little story...
I usually get my digital prints done at Big W, I take advantage of their online service and they have been wonderful, the lady at my local store is fantastic!
So they have been doing some updating of services and had been out of service for I went to the kmart online service while I waited...
Whilst the prints and the quality were the same, I cant say the same for the customer service. The ladies at kmart basically treated me as if it was just too much effort - its not part of kmart anyway - was one comment i received from a staff member.
Well i bit my tongue and kept on putting orders through, after putting one order in (they take 5 days) I went into the store 9 days later to pick it up, after a 30 second check the girl said nope there not here and started to walk away!! When I asked her to check again she said there not here I already looked, well no more tongue biting, she got a mouthful, what did she do - she laughed at me and said ring kodak its not our problem!!
Ok so at this point I was heating up pretty quickly, so I went for a walk, calmed down then went to the service desk and asked for the photography manager - i made my complaints and he was really nice, said he would speak to the girl, even said he would ring kodak for me...
So i get a call from kodak, a problem with their end she will check into it and get back to me... I wait and wait and wait...
2 weeks later... I decide to ring, oh didnt some one call you back - uh no!
Another I will look into it and call you back, I sighed and hung up...
3 hours later I get a call from kodak, we are not sure why kmart dont already have the photos they should, but...
We are going to redo them and send them direct to your house complimentary!!!!
145 photos!!
I was stoked to say the least.
But will still not go through kmart online again.

I did another online order recently and picked the express postage option, 10 days later i send of an email to inquire as to when my product was posted...oh i posted it normal mail, sorry...
ugh no this is a store that i buy from quite a bit, it was disappointing.
The store are giving me a voucher for my postage.

Is a little respect and good customer service too much to ask ? Come on stores look after your customers.



  1. What appaling service. You do expect better especially when you put in a big order. Good on Kodak.

    I used to draw my elephants like that too. Lol Great card.

  2. That just isnt good enough. I am glad that you complained and that Kodak are being good about it.
    Your elephant is very cute!

  3. Good on you for complaining. I wouldn't have been able to bite my tongue as long as you did. Congratulations.
    That is one thing we do at ArtyPants. We offer GOOD Customer Service. I think it is what people want from their retail outlets. I know I do.
    Keep smiling and healthy
    co-owner of artypants.

  4. I just love your elephant!! It is too cute!!

    And talk about service....... geez, this is just too crazy for words! Good for you you called and said something about it.. Good service from Kodak too! But you'll never go to Kmart again for you photo's I'll bet!

  5. What a cute card! Love the elephant!!

  6. that service sucks - glad you said something !!!

    that elephant is too cute- i draw mine like that - as that is how my brother 'taught' me

  7. What a cute elephant-. love this!

  8. I really like the elephant card.

    That's horrible service!

  9. How fun!!! I CANNOT draw even a straight line, so that would be quite a challenge for me!

  10. Anonymous9:29 am

    K mart are crap for customer service anytime I find, it's so hard to find someone to help you. Even worse to find someone then have them behave like that. I do the big w online service too. The elephant is cute. I have sisters who say they can't draw but like you said , we can all draw something, even if its just a pattern.

  11. I love your little elephant! Too cute!

  12. I hate poor service almost as much as I hate queuing because they can't put more than one till on in banks & post offices!

    What a cute elephant! I think we all have an artist inside we are just afraid to let it out as we have low opinions of our own talent. Well I have, I know that for certain!!

  13. OMG! This card is the cutest!! :)

  14. Great card I remembr drawing something like this years ago, complet forgot bout it until I saw your card!!!