Monday, August 06, 2007

The sick place

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Day 6

Man this cycle of the flu is just never ending one starts to get better and another one copmes down with it! They are all males too! (you know what I mean here right ? lol) so even though mum is sick too, I cant be. Hubby now has it, and quite bad, Doctor put him on antibiotics and bed rest.
It is going to be over soon isnt it...

Moving along to nicer things.
Housebound has given me some time to get creative. A couple of layouts to share today.

This one for the sketch challenge at KSK.

and this one for a competition at Fireside Crafts.



  1. I hope you all get over it quickly, Lillee and I had it then Lillee and Peter.

    Gorgoeus layouts as always Lisa.

  2. Its not good that the dreaded lurgy has infected your house. Hope all those under the weather get well soon.

  3. Oh yes, I know what you mean!Fortunately only one man in the house here LOL
    Love your LO's!! Good that you did some crafting! Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. Oh no. I hope the boys are feeling better! It is a male thing in this house too.

  5. YvonneM7:35 pm

    Yep - this house has it's dose of the flu right now and it's downright awful - good thing you got some scrapping done though :)

  6. Gorgeous work, Lisa.
    Sorry the flu is dragging you all down, but Im glad to see you got some therapeutic crafting fitted in. No men in this house, Im home alone!!