Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday friendly

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Day 3

Isnt it just the nicest feeling to have great friends, even better when one of those friends shares your passion for scrapping!!
Donna and I spent the morning together shopping!! 2 different scrap stores - I was good and didnt spend all that much (dont need to lately with the challenge wins and raks ive had).
I t was really nice just to spend time with her and chat (did we ever lol).

We had planed on a full day of it, till it was cut short with a phone call from the high school, Josh was really sick and I had to get him. Poor guy got home and went to bed.
John suggested tonight that him and Jayden move into a hotel for a while lol. They are the only two in the house not sick. Yep I too have come down with it as well, a given really for mums to get sick when there kids do.

Not really alot else to say tonight, so will leave it at that.



  1. I love scrap shopping with friends..sorry it turned into a sick day! Hope your're feeling better soon! :)

  2. Oooh scrap shopping sounds like lots of fun!Sorry to hear it was made shorter by a sick child. I hope that you are all feeling much better soon! Take care!

  3. ohhh I so agree..when you can find friends who share your passions. Sorry to hear the family is sick...that is rough, especially when mums get hit with it!

  4. I would love a friend to go scrap shopping with. My my friends adore my work but just aren't interested in the art!
    Bless Josh, when he is better perhaps you should have a day in a hotel as a scrap retreat!

  5. YvonneM8:01 pm

    Yep - scrapping friends like that are priceless :) Sorry to hear you're sick ... I'm just getting over the flu so I can sympathise. Get well soon.

  6. it was a fun morning regardless of being cut short...we'll do it all again when you're feeling better!!!

  7. Hi Lis,
    tried to e-mail you but your e-mail address bounced.
    The RAK's will all been drawn on August 13 and I'll then post them all out together. You might have missed the original post.
    Hope you and your family are all well with all this sickness going around.
    Heike xox

  8. Shopping with friends is SOooo fun, yet so dangerous! Lucky my friend is a little further away, so when we do go scrap shopping I can validate spending more :-)