Monday, July 30, 2007

update on our weekend

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Day 30

Wow what a weekend! Football went well, Jay played great and got an award for never giving up!!Well done matie, proud of you!! Dan's team won again and are now sitting in 4th spot on the ladder. Go Cobbies!!!
We got home, loaded the truck and cars then drove up the sunshine coast to the new house and spent the next 6 hours unpacking and trying to find homes for things. John put the antenna up with Josh helping out by crawling around inside the roof. Poor guy ended up all itchy and stinging from the insulation, A shower fixed that though.
We were asked to stay the night, but chose instead to drive home as Josh had football at 9.30 the next day. It was after 10 when we got home and wee were exhausted so we got the kids alll into bed and then collapsed ourselves.
Up and our again early for another game of football. Josh's team just cant get it together at all this year, another loss...
Home and helped load the truck again, but this time didnt go with them, just had a lazy afternoon doing

This morning i woke to a package sitting at the front door. It was my rak from Deb, that I won fro her blog not so long ago. Look at it all isnt it fantastic!!! Thank you so much. I even used some of it today in my card below!

This weeks prompt on Emilys card challenge, is 'Count your blessings. I think that alot of cards are going to have the same things this week, but family, friends etc are things that are important in our lives and I know for one am grateful to have them in my life.

Wow what a huge post!
Tomorrow i am going to try and scrap some layouts, have fallen behind with challenges nad seems like I havent scrapped in ages. Will try and remember how lol



  1. Great card!
    And wow, isn't that a great rak! Have fun with it girl!!

  2. Gorgeous card, great blessings & wow what a fabulous hoard to get woken up by!!

  3. very nice card!!
    And what a cool rak!! Have fun with it girl!!
    X T@M

  4. Great card. Love the tab & tags...

  5. Glad you liked the goodies :)
    Great card and great blessings x.

  6. What an amazing RAK. Great card, too. :)

  7. Look at the RAK, wowser.
    Love the card too. mine would be the ability to have children, my family, Lillee and good health.

  8. what a cool RAK
    congrats !!

  9. Anonymous10:07 am

    What a great job you did on the design of your card, and look at that raK! lucky girl!

  10. lucky you to recieve such a fab rak

    nice card

  11. Fabulous card Lis...and what a RAK to have received!!! Lots of goodies that I am sure you will put to good use!

    Megan xx

  12. What a great RAK!!! Have fun playing with it!

  13. Very nice card, love the file folder tab w/the journaling. Great job!

  14. emfalconbridge6:59 am

    wow you have been creative! great card :)

  15. I digg you card! Absolutely adore the colours and the set-up :)

  16. Wow, great card!!! And that rak..awesome!

  17. Really nice card !!