Monday, July 23, 2007

The last few days

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Day 23

I have been a slacko, havent updated since Friday, just been ultra busy all of a sudden and hubby and I have been spending a bit of quality time together after the kids have gone to bed instead of sitting on computers.
Thanks girls for your concern over the futsal injury, I am all recovered now.
My card last week for Deck of me was to finish my scarf (it is winter here in Aus, so im not getting a early start), well I did Saturday night! Wore it to football Sunday and it was great. Kept me nice and warm!
I forgot to get hubby to take a pic of me wearing it, but this is it.

The boys had some great games at the weekend, Jays team narrowly lost, but as under 10's dont score it didnt really matter. Dan's team beat one of the top teams at their own ground which was fantastic and will help move them up the ladder. Josh's team had a great game and won their 2nd game of the season! This game Sunday was a bit nerve racking for me, as Josh's team were down a few players they got Dan to fill in. To my delight lol he spent alot of time on the bench. He did however play very well when he got time on the ground. Proud of him for not being scared to get out there and play with guys so much bigger than him!

This week the art jounral prompt at KSK is Life - figuratively/metamorphic.
To me the caterpillar turning into a butterfly captures our life perfectly. We start of life having to work our way upwards, we often get wrapped up in our own little world before we eventually find the beauty within ourselves that we are happy with.



  1. Congrats on the scarf! Can't wait to see what you do for week 29!

  2. Anonymous7:12 am

    woohoo on finishing teh scarf - i bet you wore it proudly at footy!!!!!

    looking forward to meeting you next week....

  3. Fab scarf, well done on completing it!!
    Love the little card with the butterfly. I think you summed life up perfectly.

  4. I love your scarf Lisa!!!!

  5. That card is beautiful and is totally true.

    Well done on getting the scarf finished.

  6. Your card is amazing, Lisa. LOve it! Please check out my blog. :)