Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goal of the week

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Day 17

I had a productive day, getting lots of little things around my house done as well as in my scrap room. Got a couple of projects finished and another couple ready to go.

Emily is back on board this week with a fabulous prompt - Goal of the week!
I have lots I want to get done, but decided to do my card on my scarf that im knitting. I got so far and then just stopped and I really love the wool and need to get it finished before winter is over.

This one is a fun layout for the Get real challenge over at Cyberscraps. Scrap your quirks. I am very fussy when it comes to hanging washing on my clothes line. Everything has to be hung up just the right way and in a certain order lol



  1. Love your your colorful and funny card!!
    And your LO is great too ;-)

  2. Great card and good luck on the scarf. I knit, but I can only do something that is long and flat, like a scarf. ;)

  3. Beautiful bright card!

  4. Oh, I love your card, great colors and that thingie from the wool is fantastic!!
    And your LO...... love it, I'm the same as you are, that's why I always have to re-do it when my dd hangs out the laundry!

  5. Cool fun card.
    I used to love knitting. But I find it to slow sometimes & I am not one to do one thing at once. I have to be able to watch or read & then i drop stitches!!

    Great layout.

  6. The card looks fabulous!!!! I love the colours you have used!!!!

  7. great card! look how organized you are by starting your scarves now!

  8. good luck finishing your scarf.

  9. Love that Emily card. Good luck with getting it done.

    I too have quirky traites when hanging out the washing. The 2 pegs have to be the same colour. Lol

  10. So cool! Be sure to post that scarf when it's done!

  11. Anonymous7:42 pm

    i dont know how to knit - good on you for getting things done...

  12. LOL! You just wouldn't like the way my husband hangs clothes then Lis!

    Love the layout!

    Megan xx

  13. Great card!
    Hehehe - I had to chuckle at your Fussy layout ... I'm a little obsessive compulsive when I hang the washing too ... all underwear together, towels together, socks (by their toes) together ... you get the idea ... good idea for a page!

  14. Oh lis i love those sheep on yur card!!!!So colorful!

    my kids are born in Dordrecht they name the kids who are born there little lamb, because of a legend by that city.
    So i do have somethng with sheep!
    And of course the story of the good sheperd in the Bible is one of my favo's...

    good luck with yur scraf!!! Hope it will turn out as nice as your card!!!

  15. Can't wait to see the finished scarf. Started to knit a little bag while we were on holidays but haven't touched it since. :(
    Love your lo. :)

  16. Love the colours on your card.

    LOL at your washing obsession - do you *have* to have matching pegs that colour contrast with the items they are pegging? My DH does.

  17. Your card is too cute - love that it says "Have you any wool?" that is too funny! TFS!

  18. Great card !!, and did you finished it ?

  19. emfalconbridge4:55 am

    cute card! good luck with the knitting!