Saturday, June 02, 2007

One LIttle Word

My morning started early with John bolting out of bed running late for work, waking the whole house in the process. I had to be up anyways so not a huge deal.
Football at 9am when its drizzly and cool isnt my favourtie thing to do on a saturday morning I can tell you.
Jay's team all played really well, even helping out the opposition team by lending them players, they had a great win!
Dan's team had their 2nd win for the season with Dan scoring 1 goal and 2 points!

I managed to get some scrapping done this afternoon, not alot, I think i cleaned more than created lol. I made up a few journaling spots and got some RAK's together that I have to send out.
One little word have their next promt up and its 'Stop'. I knew exactly what I was going to do for this one. Josh has grown so much in the last year I wonder if he will ever stop. 5 shoes sizes and from a boys 14 to a mens 87 it is scary when I think about just how big he will be when he does stop growing!
So anyway enough of my dribble here is the layout I did...

Another early game of football tomorrow so some sleep is needed.



  1. Wonderful work, I totally love this page!

  2. WOW! First off love the colors on this great layout. Secondly I can't believe how many shoe sizes he has gone through! He is one handsome dude!

  3. What a great page!!
    He is a cutie!

  4. Love your page for the olw chal. I was planning on doing something similar.

  5. Gorgeous layout, amazing picture!


  6. Lis I totally Love your take on the word this week!

  7. Wow, that's a great page Lisa!! Love it.....

  8. Ooo! Love your page for One Little Word...very cool!

  9. i love this page! i totally feel you on this !

  10. Great page & how many shoe sizes!!
    Very cute.

  11. Hiya Lis,

    Your layout is fantastic - what a great photograph!

  12. wow - he really did grow!
    great layout and he looks like he's growing into a handsome young man. patty :-)