Sunday, June 03, 2007

June Journeys

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Day 3

This Month our little blogging group is June Journeys. Kathryn has been doing a great job of hosting us every month, keeping us all motivated. She is of to the States to travel Route 66 very soon and has asked me to look after things while she is away.
I will do my best for ya girl :)
If you would like to join us just leave me a comment and I will hook you up with the code for our logo.
Over on the right I will have links to all the girls participating this month, please check out their blogs.
So far there is me, Kathryn (when she can get net) and Alynda.

Just wanted to share this photo John took of the moon the other night. Love how the clouds are all reflecting around it.

Really close game of football today, was touch and go the whole game and they all played so much better than they have done in ages. They ended up losing by a point.

Working on some challenges tonight and hoping to get some finished to show you tomorrow night.



  1. Hopefully I can do the blog entry a day this month!

  2. I was wondering if I could join the June Journeys.

    I was directed from Heike's blog.