Monday, June 18, 2007

Boys are messy!

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Day 18

I had plans of sitting and creating more today, but first I wanted to get the house work all done and tidy and sort the boys wardrobes. 2 hours tops I though....uh huh...think again...
It too me all day!! Man i swear they just open the cupboard doors and throw. I had to take everything out and start from scratch, as well as work out what was too small etc...
*mental note to self to keep an eye of the wardrobes more often*

So of course no creating today.

I got happy mail from Ngaire!!
She sent out the last round of recipes from our swap and included felt! Thanks hon its awesome, I love felt and cant wait to cut into that green!!
We are still having network problems here and hubby informed me last night that he may have to reformat the network server. So if you dont see me for a couple of days that is why.



  1. Strangely even 55 year old boys are messy too. Doesn't quite open the door and throw but just puts things in piles *everywhere*.

    Please tell your DH I am thinking of him as he investigates your network problems. Sometimes its less painful to hit your head against a brick wall then to try and work out *why* a nic/switch/server doesn't want to talk to the network and *how* to get everything back as normal. It will probably end up being a simple solution like replacing a patch cable thats happened to me enough times.

  2. Anonymous8:59 am

    i think its a male thing - not just a boy thing.
    Who or what is stopping you from riding a horse?????

    i learnt to swim last year - just give it a try...

  3. Mmh, my girls are actually much worse than my boys, LOL. Changing 10 times a day doesn't help. :)

  4. Had to chuckle at your wardrobe issues ... I agree with Susan and Julie ... big boys are just as bad as the little boys!!!
    Hope you get your 'puter probs sorted out soon.