Monday, June 18, 2007

Art overload

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Day 17

Today we didnt have to be up early and off somewhere, we could sleep in! Did this happen...
The boys didnt wake me, the alarms werent set..but I woke at my normal time...could I go back to sleep...NO! Go figure...
John got to work on my brakes as well as trying to sort out our network problems (some men can multi task *grin*).
I got the housework all done early and set to finishing of layouts and art journal pages. Had to drop Josh of at a birthday party, then go pick him up, but overall had a productive day. As promised here are all my creations from the last couple of days...

This weeks One Little Word was 'MY' I had planned on doing a layout about my job as a mum, but my printer is out of ink so couldn't print out the journaling, so instaed I went with My 3 boys.

Ali E put out a challenge in her newsletter to do a layout using her prompt '20 things', thought about this one for awhile and in the end chose 20 places I would like to visit.

Sketches Aussie style gave us a fantastic sketch by the talented Melissa Goodsell, this is my version of it.

Now on to some art journal pages..
This one for the KSK art journal The theme 'Wings'. Had a bit of fun with this, finally using some of the yummy material Kylie gave me, gold paint, glitter and fibre and words and images from magazines.

This one was a challenge set by my son, 'do one on your hands with orange mummy' so I did. The doodling was so much fun!

I know this post didnt make it before midnight but I havent been to bed so to me its still sunday and day 17!

Just wanted to mention that all of the girls from our daily blogging group are doing an awesome job. Keep it up girls, I love reading what you have to say :)



  1. Lis these pages are gorgeous! You have had such a busy weekend creating!

  2. Lis i totally love your journal entry on wings, fantastci..
    yes i do shop st the princess, i met Melinda when i was at uni..i live at browns plains but often take a quick 15 minute drive to her shop, she has such cool stuff..

  3. You did SO great on these challenges! Esp love the OLW one!!
    You've inspired me to go scrap!!

  4. Wow that really is an art overload!! AWESOME stuff in there!! I LOVE your art journal page! Its beautiful!
    I visited NZ when I was 14 and went to Europe in Feb... Switzerland is beautiful!!
    Gorgeous layouts!!!
    xx Siany

  5. Lis, you;'ve been very busy! Great things you've made! Love your 20 things Lo!Especially because the first thing you name is the Netherlands! I LIVE THERE!
    When you do visit ...go to Emmen ! it's in drenthe a beautiful part of the Netherland ( my home town now!)
    but the town I grew up and lived a big part of my life is Rotterdam! also very nice to visit!!!


  6. These are great and you've obviously had a very creative weekend.

    Its been fun blogging everyday.

  7. Love your stuff! Love your take one the word "MY"! Good job!

    one little word

  8. All these are fantastic, Lis.
    Im behind with my blog reading as we have had torential rain & electric storms. Im always afraid of losing my computer. Several homes were badly damaged. Last year a work colleague had all her electrical equipment blown up whe the lighteninng struck her phone line!!