Monday, May 21, 2007

Flex your mind

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Day 21

The weather man decided to surprise us today with some cooler weather. I wore jeans for the first time this year (Tassie trip being the exception).

I transferred all my layouts from the albums into ring binders today and made tags to slip into the pockets on the spine, took up the most part of my day. I would scan them to show, but with all the computer problems we are having lately that would mean using the other computer and emailing them, its all just too hard.

Finished the latest round of Flex your mind. The challenge was to find that photo that was blurry or out of focus, but told a story as well as use papers that you have had since you started scrapping.
The papers I used were Flavia ones that were among the first I ever brought, I cut them into the circles.
The photo is from 2003 and I almost threw it out awhile ago, but something stopped me. It was taken the last time my mum and dad came to visit. We had such a great time, mum and I having a competition so see who could hit the most balls in totem tennis. Made me realise just how much I miss living close to them.

We recently worked out some problems with the boys feet, Josh runs on his heels and not the balls of his feet, and Dan has flat feet. Tonight John fixed up some foam for them both to wear in their football boots to trial. It all seemed to work well.

Wow, its taken me that long to type all this that its past midnight, but I did start before then I promise lol


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  1. Cute page babe! Like the round thing... ;)