Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy but boring

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Day 20

Where did May go, this year is moving along way to quickly, before we know it will be Christmas again...thats scary!

Nothing to show tonight, no layouts or other creations, no photos. Would you believe though we have been flatout all weekend.
John worked Saturday morning so it was up to me to get the boys up and to the ground in time for Dan's football game (thankfully Jay had a bye this week). The boys played well but lost. John turned up around 1/4 time, it was the first time he had seen Dan play!

I decided ( oh why do I do this) that I didnt like the way my stash was organised, so started on moving things and putting them where I wanted them - which will probably only be for 6 mths lol. I made more mess than organisation though I think.

We got a phone call from Tony last night to let us know that John's dad has broken his wrist :( as if life hasnt been cruel enough for him. He broke the left wrist, which makes it hard for him to do things as the stroke affected his right side and he still has problems doing things. Luckily Tony is still in Tassie with him and can help him out for a little while.

Sunday morning and we up are bright and early and off for yet another football game, this time Josh. The guys had a awesome game and just got done by 2 points in the last 3 minutes.

To go with the re organising (which I finished this afternoon) I have decided to go with 3 ring binders for the boys and our family layouts. So of shopping and picked up a few binders and spent a hour or so filling them with layouts. They sit so nicely on the shelf and they hold so much more than a postbound album.

Heard from a girl I used to play soccer with tonight, we lost contact after we stopped playing soccer. Was so nice to hear from her and will be great to catch up.

Im of now to do boring chores like fold clothes and Iron !!


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  1. I do the same thing with organizing -- decide I'd like to change things up, and then for weeks, I am looking for things where they WERE, not where they ARE!

    I also have stopped liking postbound albums & have started falling in love with American Crafts' 3 ring binders. So simple, easy, AND I can decorate the cover if I want! :)