Friday, April 20, 2007


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Day 20

Played around with a few things today, made these ribbon flowers. They are so easy to do and you can make them in any colour or pattern that ribbon comes in. I used buttons on the large and medium ones and a star brad on the smaller one.

Felt in the painting mood thsi afternoon and this is what I ended up with.

You may remember me mentioning ahwile ago about my hubby doing a sports medicine course. Well HE PASSED!!!
Congrats babe, I knew you would :)

Off to watch Jay play his first game of football tonight (hopefully the rain will wait till after the game).



  1. Lis
    You so not going to beleive this, but Ive been contemplating doing the same - [making ribbon flowers], sheesh your creative vibes must be cybering all the way to Adelaide [lol].
    Its not something Ive done before and I so love to stretch myself and learn new things! WTG!!! Youve inspired me to get off my but again!, I still havent put paint to canvas yet, but Im thinkin about it,....still, lol!

    Cheers Lou :)

  2. Love the flowers, Lis. Do you just run a thread along the edge of the ribbon and then gather up?? they look gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. It is nice to come into my blog and 'know' someone has read it !! LOL

    Have agreat day....


  3. those ribbon flowers are so pretty!!! i may just have to give that a whirl someday :) too cute!!!