Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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Day 20

Wow the month is almost over. This year is going way to quickly for my liking, before I know it will be 2008.
No creations to show tonight.
I spent the day in a kitchen....yep you heard right lol
Relax it wasnt mine and I wasnt cooking.
Josh had a round robin sports day today for school, his sport of choice was football. They held the games at our local club, so I Helped C and I out serving a small few polite and alot more impolite year 8 and 9 boys to food and drinks. I really dont know whats happened with some kids manners these days.
Was a good day though, Josh and his team did ok, canteen did great, got some good photos.



  1. Don't say seems to speed things up somehow! LOL! Sounds like you had a great night. Lets see some of those pics!

  2. EEEK. Year 8's and 9's have the worst manners!!! It appears they are no different a 1000kms away!