Sunday, February 04, 2007


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Day 4

Today got of to a slow start, we did end up watching the other 2 dvd's last night, so was after 3am before we got to bed. Jay woke us up about 9ish. Was really quiet without the other two boys at home and Jay was lost for awhile.
Went and picked the boys up and then spent the next 2 hours searching for shoes that would fit Josh's huge feet. Why dont manufacturers make shoes bigger than a size 12, when nearly all of the guys We know have big feet...
Finally found a pair that he liked and that fit and didnt break the bank balance...
Next stop the soccer club to get Dan signed of and registered for this season.
Home and I had good intentions of sitting and watching the cricket...alas the late night caught up to me and the next thing I know im being woken to say dinner is ready. My gorgeous 13 yr old had not only cooked dinner but it was a baked meal complete with vegies!!! How lucky am I!!
Walked again tonight, the nights are cooler now so it isnt as uncomfortable a walk.
Just thought I would share a few more pics from yesterdays party. These remind me that they are still my boys and havent entirely grown up yet.



  1. thanks for stopping by my blog ... i hear you about the cooler nights :-)

  2. Send your son down to my house if he gets too much! I would gladly have him! LOL!!!!
    That is so nice that he did that for you!
    Grr about the big feet!